Rose Jam 650 Grams

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Rose jam is a luxurious and aromatic delicacy that captures the delicate essence of fresh roses in a sweet and indulgent spread. Made from fragrant rose petals, sugar, and lemon juice, this exquisite jam is prized for its floral aroma, vibrant color, and rich, complex flavor.

The process of making rose jam begins with selecting the finest quality rose petals, which are carefully harvested at the peak of their bloom to capture their intense fragrance and flavor. The petals are then washed thoroughly to remove any dirt or impurities before being gently simmered with sugar and lemon juice over low heat.

As the mixture cooks, the natural oils and essences of the rose petals infuse the syrup, imparting their distinctive floral aroma and flavor. The sugar helps to preserve the delicate petals and creates a thick, syrupy consistency that is perfect for spreading on toast, scones, or pastries.

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