Orange Jam (Shreds) 650 Grams

Sale priceDhs. 17.50


Orange jam shreds offer a delightful burst of citrusy sweetness in a unique shredded form, showcasing the vibrant flavor and aroma of ripe oranges. Made from fresh oranges, sugar, and lemon juice, this jam is celebrated for its bright, tangy taste and distinctive texture.

The process of making orange jam shreds begins with selecting the finest quality oranges, chosen for their juicy pulp, aromatic zest, and balanced sweetness. Once selected, the oranges are washed, peeled, and finely shredded or chopped to create the signature strands that give the jam its unique texture.

The shredded oranges are then cooked gently with sugar and lemon juice to release their natural juices and develop their characteristic flavor. As the mixture simmers, the oranges soften and break down slightly, releasing their juices and infusing the syrup with their sweet, citrusy essence.

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