Mulberry Jam (Shreds) 650 Grams

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Mulberry jam shreds are a rare and exquisite delicacy that showcases the unique flavor and vibrant color of ripe mulberries in a delightful spread. Made from fresh mulberries, sugar, and lemon juice, this jam stands out for its rich, fruity taste and distinctive texture, characterized by thin, thread-like strands of fruit suspended in a thick, syrupy base.

The journey of mulberry jam shreds begins with the careful selection of the finest quality mulberries, chosen for their ripeness, sweetness, and depth of flavor. Once selected, the mulberries are washed, sorted, and gently simmered with sugar and lemon juice to release their natural juices and develop their characteristic taste.

As the mixture cooks, the mulberries soften and break down slightly, releasing their juices and infusing the syrup with their sweet, tart flavor. The addition of lemon juice helps to balance the sweetness of the jam and enhance the natural fruitiness of the mulberries, resulting in a perfectly balanced spread that bursts with flavor.

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