Jordan Summak 1 Kg

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Jordanian sumac, also known as "summak" or "sumac," is a tangy and versatile spice that is widely used in Jordanian cuisine. Derived from the dried and ground berries of the sumac shrub (Rhus coriaria), sumac adds a distinctive citrusy flavor and vibrant red color to dishes. Here's a closer look at Jordanian sumac:


  • Flavor: Jordanian sumac has a tart, tangy flavor with hints of citrus and a slightly sour undertone. It adds brightness and depth to dishes without overwhelming other flavors.
  • Color: Sumac powder is deep red or maroon in color, imparting a visually appealing hue to foods.
  • Aroma: While sumac itself doesn't have a strong aroma, its tart and citrusy scent becomes more pronounced when combined with other ingredients.

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